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9/21/21  I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a safe and wonderful holiday.  I have a new eyecolor for you today by Luna-Tic (shown left).  I hope you enjoy!  Also, Evelien recently gave our forum a facelift.  I'd like to invite you all to check it out, and while you are there please write us a message letting us know what you'd like to see.  More TS2?  TS?  Clothes?, makeup?, houses? etc... 

1/22/21  Hello everyone!  Today I would like to welcome our new staff member Luna-Tic.  She has brought you 5 female shirts and one female teen outfit for TS2.  Please enjoy!

12/19/20  Ok...just a little update today.  3 teen female tops, 2 teen female bottoms, 8 eye colors and 6 new eye shadows.  Also, I just added the pale skin tone shown in my preview pics.

9/16/20  Hello!  More TS2 things for you...  Tonight I added a female teen outfit by Evelien.  I also added another wave of my stuff, including:  8 lipsticks, 6 female adult tops and 10 female adult bottoms.  In case you haven't noticed a lot of my female adult clothing is mix and match.  If you would like to see anything in the future in other colors, or would like me to recolor any existing outfits please let me know. 



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Butt-erfly in Red

Inverted Cross Tie



Leather Pants for Male Teen



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